S Grip
Aluminium Series

Designs of Aluminium Railing series includes continuous base profile, brackets with cover profile and bracket systems. Each of these options support any glass with thickness ranging between 12 mm to 19 mm, and you can pick from coatings like PVDF, powder-coating, wood finish with different colour options.

Change Catagory

SG 13 CP T

Continuous Base Profile

Continuous Base Profile Glass Supporting System

S Grip SG-13 system is an economically designed for floor mount glass supporting system with continuous aluminium base profile which allow the replacement of the glass without the damaging the system or the floor.

The system is compatible with glass of 10mm to 12mm thickness and 900mm height.


Ideal balconies, stairs and building enclosures for high architectural standards

  • Perfect aesthetic look.
  • Unlimited view.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Maintenance free.
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